ILM Level 3 Diploma in Management

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ILM Level 3 Diploma in Management
Course Length:
12 Months
£1240 + Vat
Course Objective:
This qualification is aimed at practicing first line managers. These individuals may still engage in some of the tasks performed by their fellow team members but generally they will be more involved in managerial tasks. Candidates should have the ability and the opportunity to demonstrate recognisable management and leadership skills, for example, providing leadership, allocating work, managing performance and communicating with a team. This is a bespoke training programme that develops management skills through an integrated combination of work-based learning and assignments. This blended approach maximises the learning potential and organisational value while maintaining a flexible and dynamic structure for managers.
Course Delivery:
An assessor will visit the candidate at their workplace once a month for a minimum of one hour. In addition to this, they will be set approximately four hours of work to complete before the next meeting; this work will contribute to a portfolio of evidence. To achieve a Level 3 Diploma in Management, you will complete a minimum of 5 mandatory and a minimum of 3 optional units to be agreed with your assessor.
Key Topics:
    • Manage Personal and Professional Development
    • Manage Team Performance
    • Principles of Leadership and Management
    • Principles of People Management
    • Principles of Business