Foundation Apprenticeship in Children’s Care, Play, Learning and Development Level 2 (CCPLD)

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Level 2 Diploma for Children’s Care, Play Learning and Development
Level 1 Essential Application of Number (AON) Skills
Level 1 Essential Communication Skills

Course Length:
The recommended time to complete the Foundation Apprenticeship framework is up to 18 months, with the Core qualification taking 6 months of this.
£1080 + Vat
Course Objective:

This programme assesses and develops the knowledge and skills of those employed working with children in settings or services where the main purpose is care, learning and development through play e.g. nurseries, day-care, crèches, or childminders.

The level 2 Foundation Apprenticeship is suitable for people who work under supervision in settings.

Course Delivery:
The qualification is divided into two components: the Core qualification, which develops and assesses your knowledge and the Practice qualification, which focuses on and assesses your practical competencies; the latter is delivered via self-directed study (for example, producing plans, observations and reflections).
An assessor will visit the candidate at their workplace once a month for a minim. In addition to this, they will be set approximately 4 hours of work to complete before the next meeting.
The learners will have to have an allocated mentor to carry out planning meetings and who will support the learner throughout the qualification and meet with the learner for a minimum of 1 hour a week.
The Essential Skill Qualifications (if required) consist of controlled tasks, tests and group collaboration. These will be done through workshops held at BTSL or your place of work and will help develop your numeracy, literacy and digital literacy skills.
CCPLD Level 2: Core Qualification
Learners will be reviewed once a month by an assigned assessor in their workplace once a month. Learners will be required to be away from the children for these visits.
Assessment: Learners will undertake three 60 minute assessments as well as one 75 minute multi-choice test. These can be carried out in the workplace as long as an appropriate environment is provided. If this isn’t possible, the learner will need to attend BTSL
Children’s Care, Play Learning and Development Level 2: Practice
To achieve the Level 2 Diploma for Children’s Care, Play, Learning and Development, the candidate must achieve the mandatory units as well as a number of role-related optional units.
The Practice Qualification requires learners to be observed in their workplace to confirm competency and implement what they’ve learnt during the Core qualification. These sessions will take approximately 2 hours each month.
Key Topics:
Mandatory Units
200 – Supporting core practice in children’s care, play, learning and development
201 – Supporting play, learning, growth and development
202 – Supporting nutrition and hydration in early years
203 – Responding to signs of potential illness and infestation/infection

Optional Units Group A
204 – Supporting the care of 0-2 year olds
205 – Supporting the care of 2-3 year olds
206 – Working with 3-7 year olds
Optional Units Group B
207 – Supporting the acquisition of a new language through immersion
208 – Positive approaches to behaviour support in early years
Optional Units Group C
A range of health related units (speak to your assessor about these options)